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One of the most common things I hear when talking to moms about their breastfeeding journey is, “I didn’t know who to reach out to for help”. I also hear, “If I had only known (insert common obstacle) had a solution, I could have breastfed longer”. It is extremely important that pregnant women are taught about breastfeeding before baby arrives, so they know what to do and where to go when problems come up. But whether you research before baby comes or not, having a place to go for help can get you through.

Here is a List of Resources that Can be Helpful:

  • Find a Lactation Consultant: The hospital where you deliver should have a lactation consultant available to you at delivery or shortly after. Ask them if they have recommendations of local resources to help after you go home. Many pediatric groups have a lactation consultant on staff ready to answer your questions. Ask family and friends, because you might know someone who has gotten their IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) certification. The ladies that I know who have theirs are excited to help, so feel free to reach out!
  • La Leche League: This is an amazing resource with helpful advice and inspiration. I love their Instagram account! They have local chapters, so search for them on Facebook. Finding women in your area to support you can help you not feel so alone.
  • Kellymom: Breastfeeding and Parenting is a website that many of my mommy friends have shared with me over the years. There is useful information, and lots of interesting articles.
  • Medela: Whether you are using a Medela Breast Pump or not, I have found helpful information through them for years. Their Instagram account is beautiful and full of daily tips. The MyMedela App allows you to track your breastfeeding and pumping (let me repeat, you don’t have to use their pump to use this app). It allows you to track diapers, sleep, weight, and more. There are also breastfeeding articles and the option to get answers to your questions. If you have the Medela Sonata Pump, it connects to your app helping you track your pump sessions even better. Also, check out Medela’s Website
  • What to Expect the First Year: There is a good chance you purchased or were given the book What to Expect When You’re Expecting during pregnancy. What to Expect the First Year has just as much information, and has an amazing section about breastfeeding. What to Expect the First Year
  • Talk to Your Friends that have Breastfed: Choose wisely as this information can be all over the place, but if you have a friend that breastfed and you trust, ask her for advice. Sometimes your mommy friends can connect with you through breastfeeding problems since they may have gone through them as well. Maybe you just need them to cheer you up and cheer you on. Allow yourself to have a support system!

Let me leave you with this tip. Use your resources, and never be scared to ask questions. BUT, please also learn to relax and trust your instincts as a mother. The more you learn to trust yourself and your ability to know what is best for your child, the more you can become the mom you want to be. Go Momma Go! I have faith that you are going to be amazing!



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Here is a link to my favorite lactation cookies!  Miracle Milkookies You will also find great resources on this site.


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