5 Time Savers to Help Busy Moms

5 Time Savers to Help Busy Moms

It is incredibly unfair how much pressure we put on ourselves as mothers, and it is even worse when we are judged by others. I don’t care if you stay at home, work from home, or work outside of the home. I don’t care if you have one child or six. We are all busy! It has taken me time, but I am learning that getting help when I need it is something to be proud of. Here is a list of five things that have really helped!

  • Hire a Cleaning Lady
    • I used to think this meant I wasn’t able to handle my home on my own. It seemed like an easy way out or an excuse. I have learned that my pride needs to take a backseat. What is more important to me is to have a little extra time for my kids. I love giving them more attention rather than tackling the bathroom for the 4th time this week! Decide how often this service might help you, and how much you can afford. Talk to friends, family, and neighbors because more than likely one of them can recommend someone great for you. The lady that helps me has become an amazing friend, and my children love her!
  • Order Your Groceries to be Picked Up or Delivered
    • Super game changer! I used to spend a couple hours a week at the grocery at 10pm so that I didn’t have to drag my kids through the store. When my kids did go with me, it took me more like 3 hours, plus a few tantrums, a knocked over toilet paper display, and a cart full of the most random items. I use Kroger ClickList, but there are many stores that offer this service now. I rarely miss important ingredients for recipes anymore, and I actually have the food I want for the week. I am able to better budget and use coupons efficiently because I have time to review everything before I finally hit purchase. I’m seriously in love with how much more organized I am when it comes to meal prepping now.
  • Meal Prep or Use a Service
    • Speaking of meal prepping this is another way to be more organized for the week ahead, therefore saving time. I try to meal prep on Sundays each week so we are ready for the work and school week. If you follow me on Instagram Stories you can probably hear my voice singing “It’s Sunday Food Prep”. I personally love to cook and come up with meal ideas, so this is fun for me. If you hate to cook or feel like you don’t have time, source this out. If you are in the Cincinnati area there is a great company called Dinner to Doorbells. The owner is so sweet, and she and I have the same goal in mind (making moms lives easier). I highly recommend this service! If you aren’t in this area, I have a number of friends that go on and on about how much they love Hello Fresh. I have also heard people say they actually save money using these sources because they don’t have a ton of extra ingredients around the house that end up spoiling.
  • Buy a Robot Vacuum
    • We bought an ILIFE recently, and we have been wondering why we didn’t do this much sooner. With 3 kids running around, and eating all day long, there are continuous crumbs on our floor. We are lucky that our dog doesn’t shed much, but she loves to drag in mud clumps. Instead of sweeping and vacuuming once or twice a day just to stay sane, I now just turn “Robbie” (yeah, we named him!) on and go about whatever else I need to be doing. Love it!! I actually plan to buy another for our basement so I can get both floors done when I need to. I am planning to buy an iRobot Roomba so that I can link it to Alexa. My friends that have the iRobot can’t stop talking about how amazing it is.
  • Teach Your Children to Help
    • We made a promise to each other and our children that we would teach them responsibility young. Don’t worry, we aren’t overworking them, but we are trying to teach them to be responsible for the toys they get out. We are teaching them to put their dirty clothes in the hamper where they belong. They know after each meal to take their dishes to the sink. This saves my husband and I a ton of time, and we believe it is good for our kids too. They are proud of themselves, and I pray this helps them in the future.

I hope this helps you! Believe me, I understand how hectic and overwhelming motherhood can be, so I want to share as many tricks and tips as possible to help you out! Have a beautiful day!


Image Taken By: Gigglebox Photography

I love this picture because our lives look like this. There are always babes running around, ready to be loved on. Our daughter is little in this picture, but she is running full speed with her brothers now, and next year there will be another bundle in our arms. I have zero problem asking for help if it means my children and my husband get more of my time and love!

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