Resources for Mompreneurs


Ladies, starting my blog has been a huge learning experience. When I first got the idea for Megan’s Momology, it was simple. I wanted to help other moms with the day to day challenges and the tough situations we deal with as mothers. In my mind I thought that meant a Facebook account that I understood how to use with a few pictures and words to get my advice out there. I had no idea the journey I was getting myself into.

I am only in year two of this journey, but I would already consider myself a small business. I have had to learn how to really use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and WordPress. And believe me, I still need a ton of work. I’ve had to do research on marketing strategies, learn business terms, and become a pro at taking and editing photos (that’s a lie, I am so far from a pro it is a joke, but I’m working on it). I’ve had to set a schedule for myself to respond to e-mails, texts, and phone calls because my goal worked, moms need help, and they reach out daily with questions. I see my future with this turning into something much bigger than I expected, and I am truly ecstatic.

So let me give a bit of advice that I have learned over the last couple of years. Hopefully this helps if you are just getting started.

  • Treat yourself like a business woman/ entrepreneur/ mom boss. When you believe in yourself and your goals, other’s will believe in you too. Don’t speak about your business like it is a hobby, speak about it like it is your job.
  • Read books about business and bettering yourself. Girl, Wash Your Face (by Rachel Hollis), Grace, Not Perfection (by Emily Ley), and Work Party (by Jaclyn Johnson) have become some of my favorites. I’m always searching for new ones, so send them my way if you have suggestions! Books are a great source of inspiration!
  • Listen to Podcasts. Oh my goodness, this one has been a game changer for me. I am busy. I’m talking non-stop, on the go, run around like a chicken with my head cut off kind of busy. Podcasts are easy to listen to in the car, while I’m cleaning the kitchen, or in bed before I fall asleep. Here are some of my favorites.
    • The Goal Digger Podcast- Jenna Kutcher is AMAZING! Her podcasts each week teach me how to be a better entrepreneur, business owner, mom, friend, wife, woman, you name it, she is teaching it! She offers the best resources to growing your business and being successful.
    • Rise Podcast- Rachel Hollis also has a podcast. After reading her book I immediately started listening to her podcast. She refuses to let women make excuses, and I love that!
    • How I Built This with Guy Raz- This is a great podcast to hear success stories. I love hearing from the owners of large companies on how they got to where they are now. Guess what…A lot of them started out exactly the way you are now.
  • Follow the people who inspire you on social media. I feel great when I scroll through my Instagram feed and see these women killing it! It makes me want to be better. It gives me ideas. It lets me know I can do it too.

Take the time to invest in yourself and your dream! If you believe in it, you can make it happen.


Images taken by: Brandi & Barrel

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