Why I Love My Silicone Wedding Ring


I have a number of skin allergies, and when I heard I was allergic to palladium I cried. I knew I could find a way to stay away from jewelry with nickel in it. I knew that avoiding fragrance would be tough, but I could figure it out. What I did not want to face was the fact that my beautiful wedding ring my husband gave me was now a source of my skin problems.

I went on a hunt for a new wedding ring, but it didn’t feel right. And unless we forked out a lot of money, it was going to be very difficult to find an option that worked. I stumbled on a website (QALO) that sold silicone rings. I quickly realized that this could be a great option for me! Wearing a silicone ring daily and putting my wedding ring on for special occasions sounded like a great plan. And it has worked great! I have had my QALO for a number of years now and it has held up really well!

Let me give you a list of other reasons I love my silicone wedding band.

  1. As a mom, it works great! I love that when I wrestle my kids I don’t scratch them anymore. It is awesome that when we are being wild at the park I’m not worried my special ring is going to fall off and get lost. When we paint or dig in the mud I don’t care if it gets dirty because it wipes clean every time! It is perfect for my mom game!
  2. I love it at the gym! Again, I am not worried about it falling off and getting lost. When I am using weights or a machine it is completely comfortable. Plus, I have heard those horror stories of injuries from wedding rings at the gym, and I would prefer to not become one of those stories.
  3. I love it for travel! I’m always terrified of leaving my ring in the hotel. As we leave to check-out I do the paranoid ring check. I get nervous that I’m going to drop it on the subway or plane. I can afford to replace a $20-$40 ring with less sentimental value.
  4. I love how durable it is! I clean with my ring on. I paint with my ring on. I swim with my ring on. In fact, I can’t really think of an activity I’ve taken it off for (except giving birth, because the nurses made me). I am never worried about it getting damaged!
  5. It makes an amazing gift! If your partner is active or in a job where you worry about their wedding ring causing issues, a silicone ring is a great anniversary, birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s gift.

If you are one of my allergy friends following along in my journey, I hope this helps you! I know finding options can feel frustrating and overwhelming, so I love to share what has worked for me. If you are on of my awesome mom friends, I hope this gives you an idea for your busy lifestyle. If you are one of my fit, strong, badass female friends, I hope this gives you an option that fits your active life!

Hugs, from a Momma that cares!

♥, Megan

Qalo Women’s Silicone Ring

QALO Women’s Navy Blue Crossover Silicone Ring

QALO Men’s Classic Silicone Ring, Slate Grey


Images taken by: Brandi & Barrel

**This post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking the links (through Amazon). I am not a brand ambassador or affiliate with Qalo, but I wanted to include their link too. Thank you for all your love and support.

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