Babywearing While Pregnant

I am a huge fan of babywearing! Since I have already told you Why I Love Babywearing I will save you a little time and jump right into why I love babywearing while pregnant and how I do it. With baby number four on the way, I am busier than ever. I want my 2 and 4 year olds to still be attached to me whenever they feel the need or want, but I really need my hands to be getting a number of things done. Babywearing is a tool that helps me be a better mother, and I hate to miss out on it while pregnant.

The first thing that needs to be addressed though is a question I get often. Is it safe to carry that much weight on your body while pregnant? I am not your doctor, so I can’t answer that for you. But I can tell you what I hear most often. Most doctors tell you to keep up the level of activity you were doing before pregnancy. If you were already carrying your children around or wearing them, you are probably safe. Pregnant women aren’t as fragile as they appear. It is extremely important though to discuss things with your doctor, and be careful if you have any conditions that could cause harm by lifting too much or exerting too much effort.

Once you have established that it is safe for you to babywear while pregnant, you need to find a comfortable carrier for your body. I find that I’m comfortable in most styles of carriers the first trimester. If a waistband is putting pressure on my lower stomach, I just tighten it a little higher than my tiny bump (up on the curve of my waist) to get it comfortable. Once my stomach starts to grow by the second trimester and on, I need a carrier without a waistband because it starts to hurt, and I don’t feel comfortable putting that much weight or pressure right on baby.

Here are the two styles that work best for me during pregnancy.

  1. Onbuhimo- A waistless carrier worn high on the back. Honestly, I feel like my child is a backpack when I wear this style! It is perfect for pregnancy because my child can still be worn comfortably on my back without putting any pressure on my stomach. Learning to get your kiddo in can be a little tricky, but with practice it isn’t bad!img_8401-edit
  2. Ring Sling- A long woven fabric with rings used to secure your little one in a comfortable position. During pregnancy, this style works great for putting my toddler or small child on my hip. It is the natural position I carry my children when I’m not using a carrier. The ring sling helps us both be comfortable while allowing my hands to be free. img_8184

Images taken by: Brandi & Barrel

I hate the thought of moms giving up on wearing their babes while pregnant because they don’t realize they have options. Reach out to your local babywearing group if you need a place to ask questions or try on your options. These women are pros and can help you work through different scenarios. I learned about onbuhimos through Cincinnati Babywearing Society (check them out on Facebook) when I was looking for tandem wearing options last year, and I’m so grateful to have such an amazing resource! Also, always feel free to send me your questions. I will answer them, or help you find someone who can!

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