Growth: Word of 2018


2018 was the first year I decided to choose a word to focus on. In January, I sat down and started to think about what my word should be. I landed on the word Growth because I was very focused on growing my business. I knew I wanted Megan’s Momology to become more than a small hobby, so I knew I needed to put in some serious work.

I got a fun little surprise in June. The word growth was going to mean something very different for my year than what my initial intention was. I found out we were expecting baby number four. My body was about to grow, my family was about to grow, my sweet little bundle would be spending the rest of the year growing.

Now that we are to December, I am excited to look back and reflect. Sometimes life is funny and ironic. This is not at all where I saw my year going, but life always reminds me to be flexible. I had to fully embrace the word growth and wrap my mind around the fact that we will no longer be a family of five, but instead, six. I am so excited to see my family grow. I cannot wait to see my husband holding our newest baby for the first time. That is probably my favorite sight in the whole entire world, and I feel blessed that I am going to get to witness it happening again.

Let’s get back to my original goal with my word. My hobby. Do you know what has motivated me the most to kick up this hobby into a business? The fact that yet again I am bringing a baby into this world, and even though it is my fourth time, I still have so many questions. I need resources. I want encouragement and inspiration. And just like what I want to do for other moms, I am reminded that what I am doing is important! I put time, effort, and love into Megan’s Momology because I know what it feels like to need a place to go when I need Mommy help! I want to do anything I can to help other moms.

If you are thinking about choosing a focus word for 2019, I highly suggest it! It has been really great for me to reflect on my word throughout the year and use it for motivation. Personal growth is very important, and as moms we should be showing our children what it looks like to want to be our best self! For moms, it is easy to get tired, busy, overwhelmed, and ready to back out on our goals. Use your word for inspiration to keep going and continue growing.

I hope you have had a beautiful 2018, and I pray that your 2019 is amazing!

♥, Megan

  • Here is a list of words in case you are needing inspiration:
    • Growth
    • Strength
    • Patience
    • Simplify
    • Health
    • Consistency
    • Balance
    • Change
    • Connection
    • Friendship
    • Family
    • Brave
    • Bold
    • Courage
    • Accountable
    • Freedom
    • Grace
    • Focus


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