Nesting for Baby

img_3693I am 37 weeks pregnant with baby number four, and I’m in that insane nesting phase. I realized  I should write down some thoughts on nesting and some of my own stories to make you feel not so crazy. It is always nice knowing you are not alone.

This is a real thing, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Nesting can happen anytime during pregnancy, but it usually comes on really strong in the few weeks before labor. If you have no clue what I mean by nesting, it is a major urge to prep for baby. It can hit in many different forms, (cleaning your home, decorating the nursery, packing for the hospital, meal prepping, nonstop Pinterest pinning, researching, and over researching). Pregnant mothers are about to experience a huge change in life, and this is a natural way of preparing for what is ahead.

It is important to do what works for you. If you feel like you are overdoing it, then slow down and rest. If you have the energy to scrub the baseboards, go for it! The movement and exercise might even help bring labor on if you are really close to your due date. You don’t need advice from others to know what is right for you. Your mothering instincts are already kicking in, and it is time to own your title of Mommy!

With my first son, I remember crying at the first appointment where I was told his fluids had dropped. I had to be sent to the hospital to make sure we could hold out a little longer before inducing. I remember to this day the look on my doctor’s face when I asked if we could wait because I didn’t have his bookshelves put together in the nursery. She was politely holding back laughter and reminded me that he probably wouldn’t be reading right away. Good news though! I was blessed with a few more weeks, and his bookshelves looked amazing when we brought him home!

Side note, my doctor is one of my favorite people in the world! She has delivered all three of my babies, and I’m hoping she can deliver number four. But she has this amazing way of being so real with me, pulling me back to reality when I’m being a little crazy, and at the same time never making me feel silly or guilty about anything. You should really love your doctor because this is an extremely significant time in your life. Your doctor should match your needs and personality! Your doctor should be able to help you have a good experience.

With my second son, a few weeks before he was born I realized I had a few stains in the carpet in the living room. I got out our small carpet stain vacuum, and by hand started to work on the yucky spots. Something happened to me and I ended up doing every inch of the carpet in our entire home! I’m talking on hands and knees, scrubbing away for nearly an entire day.

With my daughter, everyone warned me I would lose my mind decorating her nursery. I was hesitant to change it because I didn’t want to go down that crazy path. The boys had a pretty neutral nursery that only needed a few small changes to freshen it up for a girl. Everyone was right. I decided to redo it for her, and I became the crafting queen. I made a mobile for above her bed,  custom bins for those same damn bookshelves from earlier in this post, painted a wipe box for her cloth wipes, made shelves and holders for her shoes and headbands, made artwork with sentimental meaning, and that is only a small list of my projects. I lost my mind!

This time around I haven’t done anything super crazy yet. I’m just doing the usual stuff like I’ve done every time. I’m cleaning baseboards, doors, windows, blinds and trim. I’m trying to keep up on laundry and regular chores. I’m hoping to get in some extra food prep this week. We just got new carpet because those few stains from when I just had one little one making a mess have turned into an entire room of stains. I’m not sure I know what color that living room carpet was by the end. We also are redoing our laundry room shortly after baby gets here, and I think that is helping distract me a little.

If you are feeling stressed about anything you really need to get done, ask for help if you aren’t able to get it done yourself. It is important to remember to give yourself grace. Just like my doctor’s reminder that baby would probably be alright without those shelves, I want you to remember that you and baby will be fine too! Get done what you can, and figure the rest out later. All baby really needs is you!

Happy Nesting!

♥, Megan



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