Postpartum Care for Down There


It is extremely important that you take care of yourself after baby arrives. It is easy to forget your own care when you are busy learning what your new little bundle needs. There are a number of things you can do to help your healing process so you can better enjoy your time with your new love.

  1. Plan ahead so that you have the items you need at the hospital and at home. Having to run out or send someone to the store is doable, but not preferable when you are in the middle of bringing a new baby into your world.
  2. Use your spray bottle every time you use the bathroom for the first week or so. There are a number of things that can make wiping uncomfortable (tearing, an episiotomy, hemorrhoids, and swelling), so cleaning with a spray bottle and then a very gentle pat dry will probably be what your nurse recommends. There is a lot of blood after delivery, so your spray bottle will help clean the mess. I love and highly recommend the Fridet by Fridababy. It works so much better than the bottle they give you at the hospital. The angle is easier to spray where you need. A helpful hint; add a little witch hazel in with the water for added relief. (Fridet, The MomWasher)
  3. Change your pad or diaper often. Like I mentioned earlier, there is a lot of blood. Don’t panic! Your nurse will tell you what to watch for when it comes to clots. You want to change your pad often to avoid leaks, but most importantly to lower risk of infection. Keeping things clean while you heal is very important. I prefer to take my own adult diapers to the hospital because they fit me so much better than the mesh panties and giant pads at the hospital. I usually buy Target brand, but I will link Depends here for if you are doing your online shopping to prep. Check the sizing chart, and size up if you are questioning which size is best. (Depends, Overnights)
  4. Use a cooling/ healing spray. Itching, burning, and discomfort are much more than likely going to happen after birth. Use your spray each time you go to the bathroom. The hospital will provide you with a spray, but I am in love with the Herbal Perineal Spray by Earth Mama. It is organic and very gentle. I love that I can use it just to freshen up later if I don’t use the whole bottle during the healing process. I have also used it on my kiddos booties after they have yucky poops. I’m pretty into products that serve multiple purposes. (Earth Mama Herbal Perineal SprayClick Here to Shop All Earth Mama Postpartum Care
  5. Take your stool softener daily. Going to the bathroom for the first time after delivery is scary! This will help it not be so bad. I usually take mine for the first couple of weeks, but do what works for you. (Colace Stool Softener)
  6. Have ibuprofen and acetaminophen at home in case the hospital does not send you home with any. You can rotate these to stay comfortable if needed. Ask your doctor or nurse how many milligrams to take and how often. I had my ibuprofen on a 6 hour rotation and acetaminophen on a 4 hour rotation.
  7. Drink tea to help with afterbirth cramps. I wasn’t warned before my first baby how painful these cramps can be. Your uterus is trying to shrink back to it’s original shape, and it hurts! The nurses have to push on your uterus often to check your bleeding and that it is doing what it needs to. This is really not fun. If you are breastfeeding, your baby’s latch tells your uterus to contract. Also, good, but no good! These teas can help relieve some of the pain. Ask your nurse to bring you hot water, and continue drinking them as needed once you go home. They work great for menstrual cramps too.  Shop Here for Earth Mama Teas
  8. Have hemorrhoid pads or cream available. Hemorrhoids happen from pushing or pressure on your rectum. Use pads or cream to relieve the pain. I love Tucks pads for hemorrhoid relief and for episiotomy discomfort. You can line your pad with Tucks pads for continuous relief. (Tucks Pads)
  9. Use ice packs or frozen padsicles. Ice can help with swelling and pain. The hospital has disposable one time use ice packs. Ask for extras to take home with you. I have never personally made padsicles, but I have heard others talk about finding great recipes on Pinterest and YouTube.
  10. Nap or rest when you can! I’m fully aware of how difficult that is, but ask for help when you need it! Your healing is important too Momma!

Earth Mama has so many amazing products for this time in your life. Click Here to Shop

They also have a Free Lying-In Postpartum Plan that is extremely helpful!

I hope this is helpful! Enjoy your beautiful new baby! And know that the pain and discomfort will be gone soon. Hugs sent your way!

♥, Megan

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