Nested Bean for Better Sleep

My sweet girl is our fourth baby. I assumed she was going to come into our lives and everything would be easy. Fourth time moms are supposed to have all the tricks right? WRONG!

Every baby comes with his or her own set of needs. My daughter was latching great and gaining weight perfectly, but she was always uncomfortable. I had been through dairy and soy intolerance with two of my other babes, so I started there. My diet change helped, but I knew I was still missing something. She refused to sleep or be alone ever! Secretly I was enjoying her major need for mommy because I knew it was my last time working through the newborn phase. But I hated seeing her exhausted and miserable. She was on my chest or in my arms constantly.

While I was loving all the snuggles, I knew I needed a way to get her comfortable being in her bassinet or crib for at least short amounts of time alone. I had been recommending the Nested Bean to other mommas for a while, but I had never had the chance to try it on my own little ones. I am really happy I decided to put in the order.


The website and packaging on the product promoted better sleep in 3 nights. I was really skeptical, but on night one I was shocked! She let me lay her down and she stayed asleep. It was only about a two hour stretch, but that was amazing for her.  And then night three hit, and I woke up in the middle of the night completely engorged because my baby was STILL ASLEEP! I knew she had been gaining weight fine, so I let her continue to sleep until she was ready for me. She only got up once during the night and ended up eating a lot the next morning.

The reason it is different from other sleep sacks is that it has a gently weighted egg shape on the chest that mimics your touch. Science shows that babies sleep better when being touched. This is called the Cuddle Effect. It was exactly what my daughter needed to feel like I was still there with her even when she was in her bed. There are different options including a swaddle (we didn’t try this one because she hated every swaddle we put her in), the zen sack (our favorite), the footie, and the bodysuit.

Eventually we discovered that she had a tongue and lip tie that was keeping her uncomfortable. We worked with a great therapist and we had it repaired. We are at six months now, and she isn’t an amazing sleeper yet. Some nights she makes it through the whole night, and other nights she is up every few hours. But I do really believe the Zen Sack has made a huge difference for her. I imagine that without it I would still have a baby attached to my chest every moment of the day. We still use it every night and will continue to for as long as she likes it. She is a tummy sleeper now, so we put it on backwards. It is a product I highly recommend and will continue to point other moms toward. Nested Bean products make great baby registry items to add to your list.

I’m sending happy sleeping thoughts your way! And if you are a tired, exhausted new momma, know that I am drinking my coffee and thinking of you!

Hugs ♥,


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Better Sleep for Your Baby

*This post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking the links. I will only link products and resources that I have used and really like. Thanks for all your love and support!


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