Mom Style: The Perfect Dress

Family pictures are coming up soon. My sons have handsome coordinating outfits. My daughter has the perfect outfit with all accessories ready to go. Her hairstyle will match the feel of the outfit. The baby’s outfit is sweet, and she has multiple backups because of blow outs and spit up. My husband’s outfit is subtle because the patterns in the kids clothes are strong. His outfit is classic and handsome. All shoes are chosen and will not be worn anywhere else until after the pictures have been taken because well, you know, kids!

We should be ready for next week.

WAIT!!!!! I forgot about myself! I hate to admit how many times this has happened.  I know I deserve to look and feel pretty too, but I always think of my family before I think of myself.


I have fallen in love with Pink Blush for gorgeous outfit options! Think about family photos, weddings, showers, anniversaries. These are all scenarios where I choose everyone’s outfit before mine. If you have an occasion coming up where you need the perfect dress, I highly suggest checking out their website.

I am grateful for the Navy Rose Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress Pink Blush sent me, because it makes me feel beautiful! The fabric is thick and loose fitting in all the right places, so I feel confident and comfortable. Sometimes dresses aren’t flattering in the stomach and thighs, but this one fits my body just the way I like it. I love the off the shoulder look and it is perfect for easily breastfeeding. They have maternity clothing and dresses too!



I hope this inspires you to spend some time and energy on yourself! You deserve it Momma! Have fun shopping, and enjoy your special occasion!






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