Frida Mom: Postpartum Must-Haves

I have been a Fridababy lover for years! Their products for baby always bring resolution to the crazy day to day struggles I’ve faced as a mother.  I have four little ones, so I’ve had practice with labor, delivery, and postpartum. To say I was excited for moms everywhere as soon as I saw the Fridamom line is an understatement! I literally screamed and jumped up and down! Here is why. Every product in the line is something I have used while healing, but I had to pull it all together piece by piece. They do sell items separately, but they sell them in sets too.

The Fridamom Hospital Kit for Labor and Delivery + Postpartum is the full line including items for your healing body, the peri bottle, a gown for labor and delivery, and comfy socks. $99.99

The Fridamom Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit has the good stuff for your healing body. $49.99

Frida Mom Postpartum Kit

Buying the kits are a great way to quickly stock your hospital bag. But let’s talk through some of the separate pieces in case you would rather pick and choose what you like most.

Upside Down Peri Bottle– This was one of my most used products during healing. I preferred it over the weird bottle the hospital gave me. I crack up when Fridababy refers to it as a ketchup bottle because I picture the nurse grabbing the spray bottle from the cafeteria downstairs and bringing it to the postpartum unit (I swear it is the same thing). The Frida bottle is designed at an angel so it is easier to reach where you need to spray (and it keeps your hand out of the toilet). It helps with the healing process, it is soothing, and it is an easy way to clean up the uncomfortable amounts of blood coming from your body. I used mine for almost a month afterwards with a little witch hazel mixed in the water. I have also used it to clean up during my period.

Labor and Delivery Gown– This line came out right after my fourth baby was born, so I didn’t get to use this specific gown. But, I did purchase a gown very similar and loved not being in the ugly, crinkly, uncomfortable hospital gown. I have had a chance to check out this gown though and it has the easy access snaps just like the one I used. The nurses and doctors have access to whatever they need because of the snaps. It is easy to breastfeed after birth, so it makes a great postpartum dress as well. The material is soft and stretchy. A lot of people ask if hospitals allow this. Mine did, and I have a feeling they can’t tell you what you have to wear. But if you would feel better, call your hospital and ask before you purchase. *Tip, if you are having your birth photographed, this is much pretty than the print of the hospital gowns.

Disposable Postpartum Underwear– Again, I didn’t get to use this brand because they weren’t out yet when I needed them, but I always bought Depends. I personally hated the mesh panties at the hospital and found adult diapers to be much more comfortable. I appreciate the design of these though because they look much more like gray underwear than a giant diaper.

Instant Ice Maxi Pad– The hospital provided these for me after every birth, but I always felt like I had to battle them for more. Your vagina or incision will be sore! Cool relief is like magic when you are in pain! These would have been really nice to have at home to use for more than just two days after giving birth.

There are a few other great products in the line, but these are my favorites. This post is not sponsored by Fridababy, I just really believe in their products! Here is a link to their website in case you want to shop there or learn more about the company.

Congratulations! I hope the whole process goes well for you. Enjoy your new little bundle of love!



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*This post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking the links. I will only link products I love and trust. Thanks for all your love and support!

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