10 Creative Items for Preschoolers: How to Stay Busy at Home

Shelter in Place is a term none of us were expecting to take over Spring of 2020. Covid-19 has left a lot of parents wondering how to help little ones through this new routine. We are working on a whole lot of love and snuggles in this house, but we are also trying to find ways to keep the kids entertained. We have 4 kids age 7 and under, so we are learning creativity right along with them!

Here are 10 items to keep your little ones busy:

  1. Coloring Books
  2. Crayons, MarkersColored Pencils
  3. Play-Doh
  4. Kinetic Sand
  5. Water Beads (These are perfect for sensory bins. Add toys you already have at home.)
  6. Stamps (We love Melissa and Doug! There are so many options available.)
  7. Waldo Books (Any seek and find books are great, but we love Waldo in our house! It might be a little difficult for the preschool age. This Paw Patrol Look and Find book is awesome too.)
  8. Safety Scissors  and Glue Sticks (This pack of scissors has different shapes for fun while cutting.)
  9. Construction Paper
  10. Puzzles (Again, we love Melissa and Doug and all the options they have.)

Here are a couple of tips to go along with the items:

  • Get a binder to save their artwork during this time. We have a binder for each kiddo so they can look back on it later. I’m sure this will be a time that will be talked about for the rest of their lives. On top of what they are creating, I am writing them notes for them so as adults they can get a better picture of what it was like.
  • Don’t be frustrated if you can’t hold their attention for long. The toddler, preschool, and kindergarten age is a stage of life when their brains move on quickly. No big deal. Just finish projects the next time you come back to it.
  • Have fun with them! I love to sit and color or cut out shapes. Watch the way they get excited. It will bring you joy too.

Prayers, Love, and Social Distance Hugs Sent Your Way!

♥, Megan

*For more information on Covid-19 please check out CDC for current updates. Stay safe!

*This post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking the links. Thank you for all your love and support!

10 creative items for preschoolers



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