10 Most Used Essential Oils in Our Home

I have a fragrance allergy that sent me down a path of researching options that are right for our home. I learned that I can make our home smell good with natural products, but I can use the oils for our health and home in many other ways as well. Here are the ten oils used most often in our home and a brief description of how I use them.

*To purchase one oil, click the name of the oil you want. If you want to purchase multiple oils, Click Here to Purchase the Full List. You will be able to go through all the items and delete the ones you don’t want. Once you click a link, it redirects you to the DoTerra page, so hopefully this tip saves you time if buying more than one product.

  1. Lemon – This is my number one mom oil! I use this constantly to get sticky stuff off. The kids put stickers on stuff they shouldn’t all the time. It works great on a cotton ball to get band-aid residue off the skin. And I use it on new items from the store that had price stickers stuck in a bad spot.
  2. Purify– I swear by this to get bad smells out. I use it in our laundry all the time. My good friend got my hooked on it when she was able to get gasoline smell out of our car seat cover. That is a story I will save for another time.
  3. OnGuard-When sickness is going around our house I diffuse this oil everywhere.
  4. Lavender– Someone needs help calming in our house daily. I need it as much as the kids *We use the Lavender Roller all the time! The kids roll this on their own legs at night when they have growing pains.
  5. Spearmint– The smell of spearmint boosts my energy and productivity when I mix it with Wild Orange. The house smells so good when I diffuse this. It is also great to freshen your breath! *There is a new product called SuperMint that is quickly becoming our favorite!
  6. Wild Orange– I put this in my water all the time for an immune boost. And like I said with spearmint, this is always in my diffuser.
  7. Balance– When my hormones get out of whack, I need this. It helps me feel like myself when PMS is trying to make me sad and grumpy.
  8. Abode– I’ll have to do a seperate post on all the great Abode products. I love this line! A few drops of this oil in the diffuser or in a load of laundry makes everything smell so fresh and clean.
  9. Breathe – COLD AND FLUE SEASON! Enough said. We use it when our allergies go crazy too. *The Breathe Roller works great as a chest rub for cough and congestion. Use it on the bottom of your feet with thick socks to help clear congestion.
  10. Vetiver– This oil isn’t used often in our house, but when we need it, we swear by it! We diffuse this when any of us are having trouble falling asleep. It is perfect when you need deep sleep.

Click Here to Purchase the Full List– Or feel free to use this link to purchase multiple items. Just be sure to edit your cart to the items you want.

♥, Megan

*This post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking the links. Thank you for all your love and support!

Please do your research before using oils. We have worked closely with our doctors and experts to know what works for each family member in our home.

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