Why I do What I do

I am most often called Mommy, but Megan is the other name I go by. I am Momma to four beautiful kiddos. There is only a two year age gap between each, and I have learned first hand how hectic and overwhelming mom life can be. A positive attitude has made life easier to navigate and I love reminding others to find joy daily. If you see me in public I probably have a kid strapped to my chest and another strapped to my back. I love babywearing and enjoy sharing tips and tricks with you. I have a strong passion for breastfeeding and believe every mom deserves the support needed to have a successful journey feeding her baby. If there is a product that makes motherhood easier or my baby’s life better I am going to test it out and share it with you; it is a unique hobby I never knew I would enjoy so much!

I believe a strong support system is incredibly important. I believe the statement “It takes a village”. My goal in life is to help other mom’s feel confident in their own mothering abilities, because I know you are awesome! I’m sure you have your own group, village, team, or tribe, but I’d love to be an extra inspiration when you need it. I just want to help, and I never want you to feel alone.

I love coffee, yoga, and a book that motivates me. I enjoy hanging cloth diapers in the sun! I will eventually be able to speak Spanish, I’ve been trying for fifteen years, but I’m telling you, one day I’m going to find the time to become fluent. I’m allergic to fragrance and nickel which has allowed me to research what goes on my skin, and it has brought me to a healthier lifestyle for my entire family. My three youngest had a dairy and soy intolerance while I was breastfeeding, and that gave me a reason to pay more attention to the food I was putting in all our bodies. I have so much I want to share that I believe will help others.

I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design. After college, I ended up getting a job with buybuyBABY while we moved with my husband’s job. I never expected that it would take me on nearly a decade journey. It is where my passion for helping moms was sparked. 

If I can make mom life just a little easier for you, that is what I want to do.

Thanks for hanging out with me!

♥, Megan


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