Food can be a major stress factor for moms.

1) Food Allergies- When it comes to breast-feeding, babies can develop a dairy and soy intolerance. This creates a huge challenge for mom in her own diet. Little ones can develop allergies to foods creating a huge challenge in the day-to-day routine. Maybe it is an adult in the family with an allergy. Shopping, planning, prepping, and cooking take a lot of time, and when an allergy is thrown in it only gets harder.

2) The Time Factor Greasy burgers and fries are a quick and easy way to feed your family. Drive up, order, pay, and drive away with yummy food in minutes. This is such a tempting option in the world we live in. We are busy! We are stressed! We need fast solutions.

3) The Health Factor This ties right in with the time factor. Unfortunately we are dealing with fast, easy options that are leading to obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, and life-long issues. Without reading labels and intentional meal planning it is easy to feed your family junk.

I have dealt with a lot over the years when it comes to food. I have had two children with the dairy and soy intolerance. I have a dad with diabetes, a husband with high cholesterol, and numerous family members with gluten allergies. I have a body that loves to gain weight with pregnancy no matter how hard I try. I have had to lose a total of 160lbs over the years creating a major need for dieting. And on top of that I have three kids with huge appetites. I feel like I live in the kitchen.

But all of this has taught me that there are options, in fact there are plenty of options! I really want to encourage and inspire moms to know with a little research you can learn to feed your family exactly the way you need to. I have children who love salads and quinoa with salmon. People often tell me how lucky I am, and I have to turn down the anger in my head to come back with a nice response. Luck is not a factor here! I work hard to feed them healthy options and keep them used to foods that are good for their bodies. No kid without practice is going to sit down and choose kale chips over Cheetos. But my point is that you are in charge! You can do this! And I’m here to encourage and help anytime you need me.

Don’t let me fool you either. We still drive through sometimes. We still enjoy the cookies and ice cream occasionally. It is about balance. I am in no way telling you things have to be perfect all the time. It is about finding what works for your family and what makes you feel proud. IMG_2410

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