Being a mother is the most precious job I’ve ever been given. It is also the hardest. It feels so easy to lose myself, and finding time for things that are for me has become a major challenge. I work very hard to make sure I keep an identity other than Mom. It is important to me that my children know I love them with my entire heart, but I love myself too. I want to be healthy for myself and for them. I want to feel good in my own skin to set the example that they should do the same as they grow up. I make time for my husband so they can see what a healthy, happy relationship looks like, because I pray they have an amazing partner when the time is right.

I am here to encourage you and share Mommy stuff too! I love to talk about skin care, fitness, beauty, fashion, relationships, and more. Love yourself! Make time for yourself! You are worth it, I promise! DSC_3284

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