Beautiful Panic is a term I love to use for pregnancy. The words don’t seem to go together, but I love finding the beauty behind the panic of pregnant women. It seems to be a common theme at varying levels. I see panic in couples as they create their baby registry for their first child. How will I ever learn to use all these products? I don’t have enough space to fit this stuff in my home. How will I find a way to afford all the things I need for this baby? The beauty I see in this scenario is the love of a parent before baby is even born. Watching a new mom try to perfect everything before baby gets here is watching a mom start her journey of trying to give her baby the best life possible.

Stories of miscarriage are tough because the panic is so real. I have been there. Once you have experienced loss it is hard not to panic every pregnancy after. The beauty in this scenario is hard to find during the initial loss, but it is there. Relying on my husband and important women in my life was beautiful. They got me through. And guess what, I pushed myself through too. Sometimes crisis and suffering strengthens relationships. And sometimes it helps us learn our own strength. And the beauty that follows years down the road is unexplainable. My children mean the world to me and I really believe I love them deeper because I know the feeling of thinking that maybe I would never have them.

Stories of infertility, tumors, cysts, pre-eclampsia, heart problems, entering motherhood alone, pre-term labor, and a never-ending list leave too much room for panic in pregnancy. But I just can’t stop looking for the positive outcome. Motherhood is beautiful. It is extremely rare to hear a story from a mother’s journey that doesn’t have some sort of struggle in it. It is also extremely rare to hear a mother not rave about how much she loves her child and how she can’t imagine a life without her little one.

I want to share stories and struggles followed with the positive outcome to encourage women that are right in the middle of the hard part. Pregnancy is tough and scary at times, but it leads to the most beautiful joy possible.IMG_2318

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