How to Ease Growing Pains

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My kids struggle with growing pains at night. It doesn’t happen every night, but I am usually up at least one night a week with one of my babes, helping them through leg cramps and pain. I remember having these when I was a kid, and I can still remember how bad they hurt. I absolutely hate seeing them in pain, and especially when they are tired and just need to find comfort enough to get back to sleep. Here is a list of things I have found that help. This list is a huge thanks to my girls for reaching out with ideas when I couldn’t think of what else to do.

  • Essential Oils and a Massage: Please make sure you have an expert teaching you how to use your oils properly. I have found oils in a roller bottle or a spray bottle can both help. I gently massage it in and try to ease the pain this way.
  • Eat a Banana: The potassium in the banana can help if the pain is from muscle cramps. My blogger friend Aryn With Cream and Sugar also pointed out that sometimes the Placebo Effect is enough to help them back to sleep. Maybe a banana or a glass of milk will help your little one think they feel all better.
  • A Warm Shower or Bath: I know this sounds crazy in the middle of the night, but my little guys sometimes are in so much pain that this is a better option than toughing it out. The warmth can help the pains and help relax them back to sleepiness.
  • Witch Hazel: Another blogger momma friend of mine, Erica Elemenopkids suggested using witch hazel on a washcloth and rubbing it into the legs. I was super excited to learn this trick because we use witch hazel for lots of things, so I always have it around!
  • Snuggles: I tend to sleep with my little one on nights this is happening, at least until I can tell they are comfortable and will sleep the rest of the night. Sometimes they just need me there to make them feel better. There is major power in the comfort of mommy’s touch and closeness.
  • Tylenol or Motrin: I am that mom that tries to refrain from using medicine unless it is really necessary. Because my babes struggle with growing pains so often I try to make this last resort. I will use it though if I can tell nothing else is working!
  • Warmies: We found the best stuffed animals that double up as a heating pad. Warmies go in the microwave to soothe aches and pains, and they have a calming scent that helps settle big emotions. I grab Mr. Hippo as soon as my little ones cry for me with cramps.

Good luck if this is something you are dealing with. My heart is with you and your little one! I have cried with my babies through some of these long nights, and I have had to drink extra coffee after sleepless nights, so I feel for you and understand your pain. I hope something on this list helps!

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