Cosmetic Products I’m Loving

I am currently going through a phase of very little sleep. I am in my second trimester of pregnancy with my fourth baby. I struggle to turn my brain off at night anyway, but lately I find myself awake at 3am deciding what color bins I would like to buy for the boys’ room that we are updating for their birthdays. My daughter has started what I am assuming is nightmares. She wakes up terrified and takes hours to go back to sleep. And both my sons are still waking with growing pains at night. While I sit here and enjoy my coffee, I thought I’d share some of my favorite products that help me not look so tired.

Besides my messy bun and yoga pants, I am loving:

  • It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer This stuff is magical for dark circles under my eyes. I also love it for the annoying blemishes that pop up with my out of control hormones!
  • Zuzu Luxe, Eyebrow Pencil (Flax) Those of you that follow me know that I love to do my eyebrows. It is quick and easy and helps me feel a little more put together. This is my color, so you may need to play around and see what color works for you.
  • L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Powder For my fragrance free girls, read your labels often, because a number of L’Oreal products do contain fragrance. So far this one has been fragrance free and not a problem for me. I have been extra shiny lately, so I’m loving the way this matte finish makes my skin look. It lasts really well, but I sometimes use this product as a quick makeup refresh before I run back out the door.
  • L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Iced Latte &  in Amber Rush If you need a little highlight or shimmer, I love these two colors of eye shadow. They last well all day, and they work great for a subtle look. I still laugh because I was wearing these when I gave birth to my daughter, and the nurse kept complimenting how great my eye shadow looked! Like I said above, always watch for fragrance just in case. Last I checked these were still ok.
  • Burt’s Bees Natural Moisturizing Lip Shimmer in Fig & a number of other shades! I love this stuff. It has a little tingle to it, which I love! It goes on easily and moisturizes. I love playing with the colors.
  • Witch Hazel Honestly we use witch hazel for so many things in our home, but it is my favorite astringent for my face right now. It helps clear any makeup I have missed in my wash routine, and it is helping with my breakouts. I just put a little on a cotton ball and wipe my face after I wash.
  • Naked Body Food This is my current moisturizer for my face and body. With my crazy skin allergies, naked body food calms any flair ups I have, and it keeps my skin well hydrated. I love it!

I hope you find something you love in this list! Believe me, I know many of you are walking Mombies just hoping for a little sleep at some point! Hugs to you beautiful ladies!


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