Family Photo Advice/ Don’t Forget About Yourself Momma

As a mom of three and number four on the way, I can tell you a thing or two about family photos. It takes a lot of planning to make sure everyone has cute outfits that coordinate (and a backup outfit for each person because of spit up and poop), and it takes effort deciding what photographer to use and where to have shots taken. The day of is hectic and crazy because everyone needs perfectly timed naps, meals, snacks, baths, and hair done. The number one bit of advice I can give though is to not forget yourself! Believe me, I’ve done it to myself more times than I can count, and I’m slowly learning my lesson. Here are some tips to help you not forget yourself for your next family photo shoot.

  • Set aside time for a full shower or bath with plenty of time for hair and makeup. I know that sounds impossible, but get a babysitter or have a family member or friend come over to help. I feel better when I have actually shaved my legs, exfoliated, moisturized, and enjoyed doing my hair and makeup. And even better, have someone come to your home to do your hair, or set an appointment to go to the salon. I personally like to do my own makeup because I look more like myself when I do it, but you could have someone come do that for you as well.
  • Go get your nails done a day or two before. Having fresh finger and toenails will help you feel great, especially if you think your photographer will grab some pictures of you holding your little ones hand or a cute shot of tiny feet next to yours. Plus, you deserve an hour to just relax and clear your head. If you don’t have the money or a sitter available for this, give yourself some time (maybe after the kids go to bed one night) to do this for yourself. A little epsom salt and great essential oils can make you feel fresh.
  • Make sure you love your outfit you’ve chosen for yourself, and that you feel confident in it. If your skirt is too short, you might worry about your little one lifting it up mid session. If your pants are too tight, you might hate the extra roll they give your stomach when you sit down. Look good, but feel great at the same time! Know what works for you. And like I mentioned for the kids, have a backup outfit for yourself also. I’ve been thrown up on right before a session.
  • Don’t forget about your jewelery. I tend to forget this part of my outfit, and I have to do a mad dash through my jewelery cabinet the day of. I’ve also had to stop by my best friend’s house on my way to the session to borrow something from her stash. My favorite thing is to incorporate pieces that have sentimental value to add to the memories in the photos.
  • Communicate with your photographer ahead of time. If she or he knows your vision, it will be easier to talk through things during your actual shoot. You can tell your person before hand certain shots you know you want with your children. Having a good relationship with your photographer will make a huge difference. I feel more confident when I am close with the person taking my pictures.

You are going to want photos to look back on this very special time in your life. Your kids will love seeing the pictures when they are older. You work so hard every day as a mother, so gift yourself the time and effort to feel beautiful in your photos. You are important too Momma!


Image Taken By: Gigglebox Photography


Image Taken By: Vogue Visions

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Image Taken By: BD Photography

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Image Taken By: BD Photography

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