Why I Love Babywearing


I am asked often why I wear my kids all the time, and what got me started wearing them in the first place. I am a huge believer that Babywearing can make mom’s life easier. Here is a quick story of why I love Babywearing, and why I turned to it.

I work in a really great baby store, and I have since before I became a mother. I was able to help moms choose the right baby carriers before I got to use one myself, so I knew once I became a mother this was something I would be into. When my first was born, I really got to see first-hand all the benefits I had been telling other moms.

My first was an easy baby that slept like a champ, but he still loved to be held often (which I absolutely loved). There were times I needed my hands free because my arms were tired, or I needed to get a few things done while still snuggling him. I was a first time mom, and worried about making sure he wasn’t in one spot too often so that he didn’t get a flat spot on his head. We did lots of tummy time and different positions in the carrier to make sure his head wasn’t in one spot all the time. I also remember going to Kroger and Target and wondering where to put everything because my cart was full of his infant car seat. I quickly learned to wear him on my chest so I could fill my cart with products. My husband didn’t love how quickly I learned that trick!

I really learned with my second and third how beneficial Babywearing is when you have more than one child. My oldest, and then my oldest and middle, wanted to read books and play Legos especially when baby needed to be held most. Wearing my infant gave me my hands back to help my other children still get my time. Breastfeeding and chasing a toddler is much easier when you have your hands! Multi-tasking at its finest; breastfeeding a baby, while making a bowl of cereal for my toddler, and eating a handful of cheerios to combat the hunger that comes with breastfeeding!

My second and third both had a dairy and soy intolerance making them very fussy. My husband swears I’ve blocked out the colic my first had, but the truth is, it felt like nothing in comparison to the other two and their upset tummies. Wearing your baby in a carrier is an amazing way to get a little relief from the crying (yes, I’m talking about you and baby). There have been studies done showing that babies that are worn tend to cry less.

I am a bit of a paranoid mom when it comes to being in public. I learned that I felt safer when my baby was attached to me. If you see me out in public now, there is more than likely one kid attached to my front, and one kid attached to my back. Here is a bonus if you are a mom that worries about germs; it is easier to stop people from touching, or heaven forbid, kissing your infant when they are attached to your body versus in a stroller or car seat in your cart. You can politely turn away and cover your baby with your arm. Or yell at them girl! Do what works for you!

Having your little one attached to you is a great time for bonding. I love shopping or going to the zoo with my little up close to me. My kids have always napped better on me than in a stroller, and I absolutely love that feeling. I am their comfort. My middle guy is extremely shy, and feels more confident when he is on me. He knows I am literally right there if he needs anything. I get comments about their age like, “Isn’t he big enough to walk?”, or “Isn’t that too much weight?” Let me tell you my absolute number one reason for Babywearing. My babies will only be little for a short time. I will carry them until they don’t want to be held anymore, and I promise I am strong enough to hold their weight. I will be there when they need my comfort because someday they won’t need it anymore. I am going to enjoy every second with them attached to me that I can, for their sake, and for my own.

So to put it into a quick list for you:

  • Hands-free (for tired arms or tasks around the house)
  • Lessen the risk of Flat Head Syndrome
  • Allow space in the cart when shopping
  • Give time back to older children
  • Multi-tasking (while breastfeeding, feeding your kids, feeding yourself, or a million other things)
  • Calm colic or discomfort for baby
  • Safety in public
  • Attachment, Bonding, and Social Development
  • Build confidence in your shy child
  • Naps in public
  • They are only little for a short time! Enjoy it!!

Happy Babywearing! Let me know if you have questions! I’ll answer it if I can or get you to an expert that can help you best. Hugs!

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