Labor & Delivery Prep for Siblings


When you are pregnant for the second, third, fourth, or ninth time, you have a little extra planning when it comes to labor and delivery. Your other kiddos need to be ready too, and with a little planning, you will get it all figured out.

Here is what we do to make sure the entire family is ready.

First, I am open and honest at an age appropriate level. I talk openly with my littles about what is going on with my body and how things will be changing in our home. My boys have loved following The Bump App with me each week to see how baby is developing, what size fruit or veggie baby is, and what is going on with my body. They love feeling my stomach when baby is kicking and rolling. I really think this helps them feel included and leaves less room for surprise once baby arrives. My daughter is still very young like her brothers were (my children are all two years apart). I’m doing everything I said above, but we’ve also been playing more with baby dolls and her doll house. We are working through what it looks like to take care of her babies. I’m hoping talking through this while playing is helping prep her too.

Second, I make plans with family and friends on who will be able to help me with what. It is important to be flexible because there are no guarantees when it comes to baby’s arrival, but having a plan can help everyone feel a little more relaxed. Since our family is out of town, my best friend has been able to help tremendously each time until family could get to us. It helps a lot when your kiddos are close with the people helping because it makes it feel more like their normal routine. *Make sure whoever is helping has a way in and out of your home (key or garage code). *Also make sure your helpers have each other’s phone numbers. My best friend is in all my family members’ phones and vice-versa.

Third, I pack a bag for my kids just like I pack hospital bags for myself, my hubby, and the new baby. Even if the plan is for someone to come to our home when baby arrives, I pack a bag for each child just in case! I have learned as a mother that your backup plan should have a backup plan. This bag is great for if your kiddos need to be anywhere other than home! I like having their outfits picked out to meet their newest sibling, and this is an easy way to help your helper not have to guess what you want them to wear.

Here is what I include in their bag.

  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • Hair Brush/ Comb/ Hair Bands
  • 1 Change of Clothes
  • 1 Set of PJ’s
  • Outfit to Meet the New Baby
  • Underwear/ Diapers, Socks
  • Special Cup/ Sippy/ Bottle
  • Pacifier if your babe uses one!
  • A Family Photo (In case they start to feel sad)
  • A Reminder Note for Last Second Grabs
    • Favorite Snuggle Item (Bear, Lovey, Blanket)
    • Favorite Book/ Game/ Activity (There are lots of adorable books about becoming a sibling, or growing a family that might be helpful!) This piece can be important if your littles will be visiting the hospital and in need of good distractions.
    • Coat
    • Shoes
    • Medication/ Essential Oils
  • ***Make sure whoever has your little one has important information including:
    • Name, Phone Number, & Address of Pediatrician
    • Name, Phone Number, & Address of Preferred Urgent Care & Hospital
    • Name, Phone Number & Address of Dentist
    • Name, Phone Number & Address of School/ Daycare & Teacher Name
    • Name, Phone Number, & Address of Your Pharmacy
    • Include this info in their packed bag if you want, or just make sure they have the info in their phone ahead of time.
  • Label, label, label!
    • I love to label things because we have 4 children. It makes it easier for anyone helping to know what to grab and for which child.
    • Labels can also be helpful in case anything gets lost while moving around from the hospital to grandma and grandpas to a friend’s house.
    • We love Mabel’s Labels, and I have a handy dandy old school label maker also!

Keep in mind that growing your family is a big change for everyone. My oldest really struggled when he became a brother for the first time. When we added our daughter, both boys were extremely excited for the change. We will see how number four goes soon. Just remember to have patience and stay calm if it goes differently than you planned. The best thing you can do is try to maintain a positive attitude and work through it with your child. Having plans can help make things less stressful, and just remember to be willing to switch up the plan if needed. You’ve got this Momma! Enjoy your beautiful family!

♥, Megan

*This post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking the links. Thanks for all your love and support!


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