Update Your Mom Look with One Simple Layer


Getting ready for the day in my home includes wiping breakfast off of three little ones and attempting to breastfeed the fourth while putting socks on a strong willed toddler. The chaos of making sure my children have what they need leaves very little time to actually get ready myself. It is a goal that I eventually wake up before the kids and get ready for the day before the crazy starts, but until my baby is sleeping at night it just isn’t going to happen. And that is ok with me. I know this phase will fly by. We have everyone’s outfits out the night before to make the morning a little easier. We have bags packed and things in the car to lower the stress. But I want to share one tip that has really helped me feel like my look is more than just a mom uniform. My tip is simple.

Put a Cardigan or Kimono Over Your Outfit!

Black leggings and a nursing tank look adorable when the right layer is on top. Skinny jeans and a boyfriend T with a cardigan create a put together look. A simple, comfortable dress is more fun with the cute addition of a kimono. My outfit looks more intentional just by adding an article of clothing.

I am in love with Pink Blush for maternity, nursing, and motherhood clothing. They have gorgeous options! I recently received the Rust Draped Long Sleeve Cardigan, and I can already tell I will be wearing it often. It is comfortable and cute, and I feel trendy because rust is getting really popular right now. I can easily drape one side as a cover-up if I need to while breastfeeding my daughter.

Click Here to Shop Rust Cardigan (It is also available in Charcoal Grey, and as a Maternity Cardigan.)

Always feel proud of the way you look! There are plenty of other mommas at the bus stop, in the store, and at the coffee shop that completely understand. You are raising humans and that is hard work! But just try it out a few times and see how the simple extra layer makes you feel. Hearing “Wow, I love your outfit!” somehow always gives me a little boost of energy and confidence. It reminds me that I’m still Megan.



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