DermaFrida: For Family Skincare

We have a number of skin issues going on in our house; allergies, Keratosis Pilaris (KP), eczema, dry skin, and fresh baby skin. The Dermafrida by Fridababy has made a huge difference for our skin care routine.


The Dermafrida is a silicone scrubber that replaces washcloths during bath time. I love that it can be reused over and over without getting stinky. I also really love that it is harder for my kiddos to sling water all over the bathroom like they do with heavy wet washcloths. The little bristles gently exfoliate and are great for removing dry skin.

The Skinsoother is the small brush and we use it most often on our babies. In the past I used it on their hair once cradle cap appeared. I would combine it with a homemade recipe and gently scrub the dead skin away from the scalp. Now I use it at every bath in combination with baby wash to prevent rather than treat. My daughter is seven months, and she is the first to have never gotten cradle cap. Fridababy also makes a 3 Step Cradle Cap System that I haven’t tried out, but I have heard great things!

I also love the Skinsoother for my face! I use it to wash my face at night to get deeper in my pores to loosen my makeup. It is my preferred option for travel too because it is small and easy to throw in a bag. The two pack even comes with a little carry case.

The Bath Mitt is the larger option, and it is great for toddlers and bigger kids. They love to put the mitt on and get all sudsy! My two middle babes have KP (often called chicken skin), and this helps exfoliate some of those bumps. And my middle son has eczema that irritates him. After he soaks in a milk bath, a gentle massage with the bath mitt is his favorite way to relieve the itch.

For those rare moments that I get to take a long bath and take time shaving my legs, I use the bath mitt on my legs first. It makes my legs baby butt smooth! And when I mentioned allergies, I am the main culprit. I struggle to find skincare options in general, so I appreciate the Dermafrida as a guaranteed way to avoid a rash.

So whether you are looking for a solution to skin issues, you are trying to replace your stinky washcloth problem, or you are just a Fridababy lover like me, you should try out the Dermafrida!



Earth Mama Organics is our go to for baby wash and other baby skincare options.

Dr. Bronner’s Unscented soap is another go to in our home. We use it for hair, skin, make-up remover, shaving “cream”, household cleaning, dog shampoo, and more. If you are trying it out, here is a 4oz bottle. If you are like us and go through a ton, here is a 32oz 2 pack.

And we love Grace Green Beauty’s naked body food. With bad rashes or irritations, we gently massage this into the skin with the Dermafrida.


*This post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking the links. I will only link products I love and trust! Thanks for all your love and support!

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